Thursday, January 24, 2008

Up, down, left, select, left, left, start.

An admission - I've opened some post that wasn't meant for me. It was for my address but I didn't recognise the name - it definitely wasn't the previous owners of the house, but the package seemed so tempting (and bulky) I really couldn't resist. Where's the guilt? I wouldn't know where to start looking for its intended recipient.

It was a softback book, a couple of hundred pages thick and just over A4 sized. Distinctive and brightly coloured like one of those computer game guides you see on the shelves of "Game". Loads of colour photographs on the back (oddly familiar ones though) and the legend "Your Life: A Strategy Guide".

I couldn't resist looking through at least the opening chapters. At first it bothered me how much content I've actually missed - It seems like I spent a lot of time rushing through it just playing it for the sake of it - but then slightly relieved to find that I hadn't done too badly so far. I'd beaten the odd illness here, the odd life-threatening thing there, avoiding walking out in front of that car here, etc.

What's worrying is that I've checked it to see how far I've got. I was at first relieved to find I'm less than halfway through it, but then slightly unnerved to find that a lot of the back of it just seems to be appendix (maps and photographs and the like) and no more actual guide.

At this stage the cheat codes look tempting.

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