Friday, November 12, 2010

Send the buggers back

"Send the buggers back,
send the buggers back.
These aren't the ones I wanted, son,
so I'm sending them straight back
I said I wanted white ones,
but they've send us bloody black
I'm going to put the lid back on
and send the buggers back"
Half A Shilling

When mass idiocy takes hold of acquaintances on facebook, it's a perfect opportunity for a 'friend cull'. The last opportunity I had to do this was with the utterly quiet-news-day-bullshitathon that was the 'Pubs aren't allowing England fans to wear England shirts during world cup matches' which turned out to be utterly made up by some bored journalist who wanted to cause a scene. No pub actually ever did this, or even planned to do this.

The latest opportunity was yesterday when a handful of extremists decided to stage a poppy burning. Now, it's a well known fact that nothing attracts a news team like the sight of somebody burning something. I think it's something to do with Moth genes. Last time it was the internationally renowned fuckwit Pastor Terry Jones and his Koran-bonfire-a-thon which should never have received the oxygen of publicity, but now it's a people carrier load of idiots with too much time on their hands and five lighters for a paaahnd from down the market.  Thank goodness that the nice tolerant chaps from the EDL were there before things got out of hand.

Yes, the act is abhorrent. Yes, it was obviously done to stir people up. But let's not forget, it's just a small group of people.  A tiny bare speck of a percentage of the tolerant and decent Muslim community who were quick to condemn the actions of this extremist group.

This action has angered the 'Round them all up' brigade. A handful of facebook groups have sprung up, with such delightful names as "Muslims have lost all my respect due to poppy burning on 11/11/10" and "Lets show these poppy burning bastards how many people want them deported". I spent a little time reading through some of the comments that have sprung up on this page alone - If I could have 10p for every comment that begins with the delightful turn of phrase "I'm not a racist, but" I'd have enough money for my own hollowed out volcano base by now. Of course the acts of these idiots are representative of the entire Muslim community. The words BNP and EDL pop up amongst said comments with frightening regularity.  Once again the ancient tradition springs true; the stupider and more ignorant your comments, the more difficult I find it to read your gramatically incorrect poorly spelled diatribe.

So, do me a favour. If you're amongst the many idiots who seem to think that the actions of a handful of zealots represent the opinions of the entire muslim community and you're a friend of mine on facebook (or in real life for that matter), just unfriend me. Please.

For one, it'll ultimately work in your favour because you won't have to read my bleeding heart liberal facebook status updates, and this in turn will give you more time for the important things in life, like ignoring the facts.  Let's forget that 70,000 Muslims fought Hitler in World War 2 and let's also forget the (mostly hidden and ignored) news story about Muslims laying a wreath at the National Memorial Arboretum.  Let's conveniently forget this, because these are the dull muslims that make up the majority.  If our Muslims aren't bomb-wielding indestructible cyborg psychotic Robo-Muslims from the future (with laser eyes, naturally) they're not interesting enough.


  1. Spot on, supremely well-said.

  2. Excellent blog FF. Sadly it's not just in England that you'll run across this phenomenon. It's only the crazies who make the news - because hey, who doesn't love a good drama! Unfortunately the majority of people (religious affiliation notwithstanding) don't get on the news because they're trying to do the right thing, live their life, support their family and be a good citizen - boring really.


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