Saturday, July 17, 2010

DPD Couriers are shit

Having refused the lure of the iphone, I ordered a sparkly new HTC Desire from Orange on Thursday.  I paid an extra eleven quid for Saturday delivery, and duly waited.

Got a text from their Courier firm (DPD) this morning telling me it would be delivered between 12:48 and 13:48.  So far, so impressed - until I checked the tracking status of my order at half one today to find said phone has apparently was delivered at 13:11 and signed for an OBRIAN.

The name doesn't mean anything to me; definitely not one of my neighbours.  Added to the fact that no DPD delivery van has been down my quiet cul-de-sac all day - no attempted delivery was even made.

Tried to call DPD, but you guessed it - their offices are closed until Monday.  Next option was to ring Orange.  After several long periods of being put back on hold, I was told that they can't get in touch with DPD either.  Pretty much all they could do was stop the new SIM being used.  I have to ring DPD on Monday, apparently - when I tried to explain that that should really be their job, I was informed that it wasn't.

I'll see how quickly this fuck up gets resolved to see whether I should consider cancelling my existing Orange contract.

So some fucker has my new phone, and until Monday I can't even find out where it actually is.  Glad I've hung around throughout today waiting for it to be delivered.


UPDATE: Rang Orange customer services again yesterday evening to state how unhappy I was that I'd be the person who had to chase the couriers.  Spoke to a helpful chap named Matthew who said that this definitely was NOT the case, that obviously it was Oranges responsibility to track down the phone, and that I should ring the sales department after 9 a.m. the following day to resolve the issue.

UPDATE 2: After being stuck inside all day waiting for a delivery that never came, made a trip to the pub for some much needed beer - after being out of the house for about an hour got home to find a hand written note hanging out of the letterbox:


And, you guessed it, there is no parcel behind my dustbin.  FUUUUUUUUUCK.

So, I am ringing Oranges sales department when they open.  If they can't provide me with a phone by the end of play today, they can cancel my contract.

Update 3: Rang Oranges sales department at 9 a.m. on the dot.  Explained the whole situation again to the guy at the end of the phone - Orange seem incapable of taking customer notes down - with the exciting addition of the note.  "Ah, this changes everything", he said.

They now have to begin an investigation with DPD which could drag on for some time.  At the end of the day I don't get my new phone, and have to write a disclaimer to Orange telling them that I didn't steal the phone.  I pointed out to the guy that I don't like to be labelled a thief, but wrote the email anyway.


* Ordered HTC Desire phone on Thursday 15th July 2010 after speaking to one of your representatives.
* Received SMS informing me of dispatch 16th July.
* Received SMS from DPD informing me of delivery on the 17th between 12:48 and 13:48
* Checked online status of consignment number 2907 838 302 at 13:30
* Device had been signed for an AOBRIAN at 13:11 - no idea who this is or where he lives.
* Rang your customer services department to be told I'd need to speak to the couriers on Monday - this frankly amazes me.
* Rang back later to say how ridiculous this is - my contract is between myself and Orange, not myself and DPD.  Was told to ring your sales department at 09:00 on the Sunday.
* In the meantime whilst I was out received hand written note through my door; "parcel delivered to wrong address  no answer at your door  parcel behind dustbin"
No indication of where note came from, no parcel behind bin.
Spoke to your customer services department today - was told to email this through.  

I want the phone cancelled - I ordered it for Saturday delivery because oddly enough I wanted it for the Saturday.  I would also like to be reimbursed for the eleven pounds I was charged for a non-existent Saturday delivery, and rest assured I will be cancelling my contract on my other phone when it expires

I'm abhorred by the fact I'm having to send this like I'm the criminal.  If I'd known you were using DPD as a courier - who we dropped six months ago for being utterly useless - I'd have stuck with ordering it from my usual online mobile provider who I've previously had no problems with.

I'm utterly appalled.

David Court

Impotent letter-writing rage. GRRRRRR.  Still, a happy ending.  Went into Carphone Warehouse, picked up a sim free HTC Desire and will continue to use my Orange SIM in that until my contract expires, and then I'll simply get a SIM only contract with another phone company.  What a weekend.

EDIT as of 21/01/2014: Well, imagine my dismay when something I ordered turned out to be delivered by them - and it couldn't have gone better.  You're now given an accurate delivery date and time and a website shows you the progress of the courier, what drop number you are and where they are at the moment. Utterly brilliant and the best service I've had from a courier in a long time.   It only falls slightly short of telling you what he's listening to in the van, his star sign and what he's having/had for dinner.  So I'd like to officially say that DPD Couriers are no longer shit.


  1. I sympathise, DPD ARE shit... period.

    Even when you get the text with your 'hour' slot you know that you're not going to get it.

    I have just contacted DPD two hours after the fecking time slot and STILL nothing.. and guess what... THEY can’t get hold of the driver, haven’t been able to reach him all day. i go the very intelligent response from DPD "well i think he's a bit behind", no shit Sherlock. and then our strategically shaved chimp continues to make the situation worse by saying that if i don’t get the parcel today then i may get it tomorrow! GENIUS! That means i have the pleasure of sitting in and waiting again for the wankers to get their act together.

  2. This is the best way to knowing about DPD delivery, which provides us a courier services. Thanks for this information....

  3. Really cool post, it was really enjoyable!

  4. Had my £1k sony vaio delivered buy this big shit company .waited all day in the house checking on tracking "out for delivery" but 15 min before 18.00 found out that van is back to the depot .straight on the phone to dpd a been told that parcel delivery gas been refused by some one called "whatever " and its back to the depot
    I dont know who that honest person was but he didn't want 1000 pounds laptop for free .if he did have it I'd be in a deep shit no laptop no £1k of my money
    Got my car and drove to the depot to pick my laptop before dpd driver would give it to someone else
    Careless delivery twats

  5. I ordered some gifts on line and unfortunately, DPD was the courier. What a shit company they are. I was disgusted by the fact you only have 4 days to pick it up before it is returned!!
    Of course no address of where the depot actually is is given on the calling card, instead you are forced into making a 0845 call lasting several hours only to be a given rather vauge and inaccurate directions!
    On arrival at the DPD depot, something that resembled a military base, I had to buzz for access at the turnstile and, when my call was eventually answred, I was asked why I wanted to enter? They don’t want to make it easy for you to get your delivery it seems!!

  6. I buy a lot of electrical items for my business from xsitems on ebay and they use dpd as their delivery agent and I can honestly say I have had no problems and they have always delivered within the 1 hour slot so I am happy with their service so far!

  7. What on earth are you doing with my package in the delivery car for almost two weeks? Come over and bring it, what are you waiting for? Your Transglobal Express Ltd parcel number 15505988012259 24 Apr 2015 08:45 Rotterdam Your parcel is on the vehicle for delivery

  8. DPD is bullshit. They don't have the money to provide their drivers with a phone, to ring me when they arrive for collection of my parcel. I had to wait for the one hour time slot at the gate and even then they didn't show up. Even dominoes gives their driver phones to ring up their customers. Bullshit fleecing company.

  9. Yes shit as ever, took over a week to deliver a parcel that was booked as next day!. Wankers !.

  10. Useless. Was quite excited by the tracking and saw 'Alex' making his rounds in our local area. He was even in my village around the time he was meant to be here. The slot was 2.30-3.30. He was on parcel 8 here and I was parcel 11. He then bizarrely delivered a parcel in a town 7 miles away (parcel 10) and I was apparently next. I then rechecked the website and it said the parcel was due for delivery by Alex between 6.00 and 22.00 hours. On checking again it said they were unable to deliver the parcel as no-one was in and posted a picture of someone else's house. I have lived in this neighbourhood for years and it certainly doesn't look like anyone else's house round here! I managed to phone the local DPS depot after phoning the DPS contact number online and getting nowhere, because you can't talk to a real person. The woman tried to phone Alex, it apparently went straight to voicemail. She said he was probably far away from the area now and that they didn't have a house number for me. She didn't ask for my house no. for the redelivery so I forced that upon her. This delivery service was not cheap and now my presents aren't here for Christmas.

  11. If you want to collect your parcel and don't have a passport or a photo license then you don't get your parcel. End of.

  12. Bunch of wankers DPD sent a large picture only for it to arrive back at my door in bits and the box looking like it had been on the front line during the somme, DPD Destroyed Parcel Deliveries - You are Cunts

  13. DPD really are a bunch of muppetts. When ive needed something urgently ive used a company called prime logistics They have been so good when i have needed them


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