Tuesday, February 05, 2013

What would Jesus do? Probably not be overly fussed about two people in love, thats what

I've had to stop listening to the live coverage of the proposed parliamentary bill to allow same-sex marriages - Even though I've started exercising recently, I don't think my blood pressure has normalised to such a level where I can tolerate listening to such bilious nonsense being spouted by our so-called representatives.

And I like my monitor. Be a terrible shame to see it shattered, and I prefer my fist to not be covered in blood and broken glass.

Apart from the odd exception, the Tories have wheeled out the predictable set of renta-quote idiots - all of whom claim to represent the man on the street - this would be the same man on the street they flick their cigar ash at when passing by at high speed in the limousine, of course.

The fact that they're quoting biblical rhetoric as their primary defence ("The bible says that marriage is defined as, blah de blah") has been debated at great length and by better writers than I. It's easy to cherry pick out the bits of the holy text you like and ignore the bits you don't like, and it really doesn't work in this day and age. They've even wheeled the old "The bible says Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" line out - top tip if you're using this as an example; It didn't really work out that well for Adam and Eve, did it?

My problem isn't even that how will their faith suffer by allowing a couple of the same sex to declare their love for each other and be entitled to the same rights as heterosexual couples. 

That's not my problem at all.

My problem is with the people who are standing there and saying that they're defending religion.

I'm an atheist. I had faith when I was younger but what formed the doubts in my mind initially was seeing the way that people around me who supposedly "had faith" acted. My church congregation was a mixture of hypocrites and gossips, and this seemed at odds which what we were being taught. But even that is a topic for a very different discussion.

My problem I have with these stalwart defenders of faith MPs is the same issue though - they're a bunch of fucking hypocrites.

Jesus healed the sick; Our government and its holy representatives seem determined to do anything but. The Tory party are doing their damned best to destroy the NHS, with health-workers, doctors, nurses, dental staff, midwives and health visitors being made redundant. With ATOS forcing people back to work who clearly aren't well enough to do so - still, at least it gives them the odd Lazarus to practice their reanimating the dead on, eh?

Jesus kicked the money lenders out of the temple; Our government bails them out, tells them not to be naughty boys and sends them on their way - to continue in exactly the same manner. And then passes the cost on to the people. Whilst our so called moral defenders have the taxpayer paying for their moat and second home as they debate in parliament whether they're entitled to another pay rise or not.

So, Conservatives, do you know what? Stand up and spout all of the homophobic garbage you like - be proud of your ancient attitudes as you proudly announce whatever psalm aligns with your nonsense, but don't claim to be doing it to protect religion - because as an organisation you've done nothing but ignore everything that it stands for.

And don't even get me started on your affairs, the expense scandals and the dirty cover-ups.

And if I'm hopelessly wrong and there is a God up there, I honestly think he'll have bigger problems with mankind that two people being in love and wanting to show it in a proper way (not a civil partnership, because that is society still saying that this love is different and less important).  I think he'll have a bigger issue with that whole 'thou shalt not kill' stuff - because he was very clear on that.

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