Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Fans vote in their millions for the new Monopoly token - and the result may surprise you..

"Any old iron"?
"Will the boot get the boot?"

This was the tagline behind the latest publicity stunt for Hasbro in which they took to the internet to determine which of the few new Monopoly tokens it proposed would be added to the classic board game later this year, replacing the classic Iron token.

Against all odds, it would appear, the tens of millions of voters overwhelmingly decided that the form of the new token would be, in the words of Hasbro, "a formless nebulous portal of Stygian nature, defying both sanity and reason".

Since the press release by Hasbro the reception to the news on the Internet has been mixed.

"This SUXX", writes Gamesplay forum member CLUED0M1N10N, "I'm fed up of Hasbro pushing these unwanted changes on us. What was wrong with the Iron anyway? Everybody I know voted for the cat anyway."

"I was lucky enough to be in one of the playtesting groups for the new token", writes David Derleth, owner of popular board gaming blog "Games of Life", "and I think it's a brave radical departure for Hasbro who are traditionally regarded as mostly old fashioned in their approach. I personally think it'll give Monopoly the breath of fresh air it deserves, which is much needed in the currently overcrowded board game marketplace. And they whisper to me at night, whispers of secret dark things that man should not know. They come, a forbidding advance, with sealed ears and blind eyes and herald the harvest with lipless mouths."

"Oh, there will always be the ones who say that any of the classic board games should never be tampered with", spoke Hasbro Chief Executive Kathryn Houloo, "but in this world of distracting video games, we have to be seen to move with the times - and by doing something as simple as replacing an old fashioned game token for a new one, we ensure that a game as timeless as Monopoly still remains fresh. And your moist souls will feed our spawn as they hibernate in the gaps between worlds. And we're adding another room to Cluedo in 2014."

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