Saturday, February 16, 2013

Leaked Photographs of The Monster appear online - Vigilantes threaten action

Pitchfork and oil sales were at an all time high today as vigilante fever gripped the nation over leaked (alleged) photographs of The Monster.

The Monster was implicated in the killing of Maria - a six year old farmers daughter - several years ago and his identity and appearance have remained a closely guarded secret by the authorities.

Images purporting to be that of The Monster appeared online, which have since been removed.

A spokesmen for the Attorney General Office (AGO) said that he could neither confirm or deny whether the photographs were of the Monster. "We have been alerted to a possible contempt of court.", he continued, "and are liaising with the Ministry of Monster Justice and others to establish the facts."

"It should be noted that there is a worldwide injunction in place which prevents the publication of any images or information purporting to identifying the Monster."

"We've spent much of the evening eagerly setting fire to torches and sharpening our pitchforks", a spokesmen (who wished to remain unnamed) for the baying fact-less mob said as their gathering slowly grew in momentum. "With hindsight we should have sharpened the pitchforks first because while we were doing that all the torches kept going out, but we've doused them in oil again and we're all ready now. We've got a variety of slogans which we'll be shouting on the way - predominantly based around the recurring mantra of 'Kill the monster' and various derivatives thereof - and we're confident that vigilante justice will prevail where the legal system failed."

When questioned regarding the dubious reliability of the accuracy of the images, the baying crowd were adamant.

"Steve from Baying Mob number 8 says that he definitely saw The Monster working in a local greengrocers in this area - or at least somebody definitely quite tall and a little monstery in appearance. With a club foot, I think. Yes, thats right. And Victor from Castle Frankenstein says that The Monster definitely was around once upon a time but went somewhere quite different over there (points) So we're all fairly sure and keen to get on with this, as you can imagine."

"Kill the monster! Kill the monster! Kill the monster!"

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