Friday, November 04, 2011

No, I said ping pong balls not King Kongs balls

So, our first day in NY and what a day. I certainly have found out why New York is referred to as the city that never sleeps though.. Even the smaller coffees are the size of a childs head.

We've been ticking off tourist experiences without trying to appear too touristy... Although we must stand out a mile because we are constantly offered bus tours. Mental note: Don't have a visible map.

An incredible breakfast of eggs (sunny side up), bacon, toast and grape jam and then onto the New York subway.

And then a walk to the Empire State Building to take the elevator to the very top. A gorgeous building and the sight from the top is utterly breathtaking. I'm scared of heights (or more to the point, in the words of Douglas Adams, scared of depths) but its too amazing to be scared.

Then to the New York public library (the opening of Ghostbusters, fact fans) which had the most incredible art exhibition to celebrate its 100th anniversary, and then to an Irish bar where we were asked if we were in New York for the marathon. We've just ordered two pints of Guinness and two pints of Harp.. What do you think?

Then touristy time by wandering around Grand Central Station, which is beautiful.

Then to Times Square.. Crowded but impressive, especially if you like huge screens advertising Call of Duty.

And that concludes the update. It's now half six and we are off out to eat a fuck-off steak. My piss poor appetite has apparently recovered when exposed to USA air.

Catch you tomorrow!

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