Friday, November 04, 2011

I'm walkin' here!

We arrived at JFK a little after 2 pm local time and thanks to having gone through immigration at Dublin it was just a case of grabbing our bags.

The dirty smokers stood outside and noted that "passenger Farrell" (see previous post) came out for one as well.. Although Frans attempt to grab a sneaky photo was thwarted when he turned around and saw her and she gave up.

Good job too. Farrell has a bad reputation with Paparazzi.

An airport shuttle took us to our apartment on Christopher Street and we were introduced to New York roads. A nightmare.. A cacophonous array of honking horns and gridlock. And I swear I've driven around some of these places in GTA IV.

The apartment is lovely and after a quick freshen up we went out to get some food at Little Havana, a cuban place with delicious paella.

From there to a gay bar with some bearded chap dancing around in his pants and then to the Stonewall Tavern and then to bed.

And then me waking up at 4 am. Hurray for jetlag!

So we are shortly leaving for breakfast and our first full day. I'm either having something on Rye or a pudding masqeurading as a breakfast. When in Rome and all that.

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