Saturday, February 26, 2011

Becoming Master Chief; Part 4

For those of you who aren't bored of this yet (and those of you who are should be more than familiar with the 'Caution: Contain high levels of geek' sign by now, here's the latest update before I get on with laminating all the pieces made so far tomorrow (and fibreglassing them also for resilience).

Today was set aside for the helmet build which has been sitting as a box of various sized cut out pieces for a couple of days - or "laminating my helmet" as I explained it yesterday to Tom and Fran, which was met with much hilarity.

The helmet is ridiculously tricky and fiddly, which is why I was leaving it until last. However, as I've balled up several pieces with the jesmonite and have to make them again now, I thought I may as well do it now as I had a day free.

Several hours of Tara and I scoring, cutting out and folding bits that had either been stolen by the cats or had gone missing saw the structure beginning to form. Some photograph evidence is below. The more astute amongst you may have noticed that I can't actually see out of the helmet yet - the visor has to be built into the structure otherwise it would fall apart. Once the fibreglass is in the rest of the helmet and it's had another few coats of resin, the visor can be sawn out and replaced with the gold visor.


  1. There aren't any eye holes. :/

  2. You clearly never read the text :) The visor has been cut out now.

  3. Well, I did read the text, but my 'after work brain' couldn't process the last couple of sentences. :( Sorry. In the future I'll try to read your blog before work.


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