Sunday, February 20, 2011

Becoming Master Chief; Part 2

A quick one, this - just by means of a progress update.

So, it's one week since the "Master Chief" project began. 7 days of intensive scaling, printing, cutting out, scoring and gluing. There have been a few disasters along the way, namely having to do the two thigh pieces again - they were completely the wrong size and I'd have ended up looking a fat thighed green robot. We've had a neat little production line going in the house, I'd do the cutting, Tara would do the scoring and folding and hand them to me for assembly with my handy (and invaluable) glue gun.

The majority of the pieces were fairly straightforward and not too fiddly, but the backpack was an absolute shit. Gluing tabs less than 2 mm across to a tab the same size is a bugger to get right, and it's taken as long to make the backpack as half of the rest of the bits all together.

So, the next step begins at my dads (who has a garage and therefore the necessary space and ventilation to get it done) with the laminating of the pieces. I've got my box of resin ready on standby ordered from the lovely people at Creative Resources who, it must be said, have demonstrated an incredible level of customer service. My first communication with them was an email whereby I was checking that, as a complete newcomer to this, that I was actually ordering the right thing. A response came less than five minutes later with not only the answer I wanted, but a youtube video telling me exactly how to mix and apply the material I was ordering. I went for a starter pack containing the resin and several metres of different strength fibreglass matting for the all important step after this - strengthening the insides by laminating the fibreglass into the structure.  Photographs of backpack and some more bits below - click on the photographs to embiggen them.

Only the helmet remains to be built, but thats pointless until I get hold of a motorcycle helmet so I know how big it needs to be.  This whole project also gave me a legitimate reason to buy a Nerf gun to paint and modify as well, but that's a post for another day.  Over and out.

EDIT: Back from Dads where we experimented with the Jesmonite resin - Realisation: Without accurate measuring scales, resin comes out like wallpaper paste and becomes impossible to paint with after, ooh about eighteen seconds.  Electronic weighing scales prepped and ready for next weeks actual attempt :)

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