Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wrapping it all up - In conclusion

Tara has reminded me; After my months of banging on about being ill, I haven't actually mentioned what's happened since the last update.  I got the results of the biopsy around six weeks later with a visit back to University Hospital.

All clear.  The stomach infection I had was nothing more than that; admittedly, it was a lot worse when I was first rushed into hospital with the pain, but in the time of worrying about what it was and the complete M.O.T. of every part of me except for my stomach, time has done its work and it's been healing itself.

And now I'm absolutely fighting fit again.  I've felt better than I've felt for the last year - stomach aches are rarely there, and even then they're considerably less painful than they were.  So, the end of the saga.  I'm all well again.

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