Sunday, August 22, 2010


Hearty congratulations are in order to two very good friends of mine, Steven Chicken (author of the most entertaining blog Chicks Thoughts) and Nicola McGrath, who have just got engaged.  We'd heard that the event was impending, but were pleased beyond words to hear that Nicola has agreed to make a honest man of him.  The official announcement appeared on the mystical social network portal Facebook a few short hours ago, so one assumes he's informed his family now so the good news can be made more public :)

They're the perfect couple.  They're both lovely people to a fault, and both have (rather terrifyingly) the exact same sense of humour.  Tara and I (and no doubt everybody who knows them) wish them all the very, very best.  I can't think of a more suited couple.

I'm going to take the liberty of including the photograph that sums up Chicken and Nicola (destined now to be the single organism known as Chickola) most perfectly. It shows Steven at his most typical; I.e. noisy and exuberant, and Nicola at her most tolerant and patient.  All the very best to the pair of you, and may your life together be a blissfully happy (and slightly daft) one.

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