Friday, July 16, 2010

L'empire contre-attaque

So, in full self-promotion mode yet again, the interest in the old pixelmash films continues to gather pace.  After the initial comments on Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope on Digg - which I had to get involved in in the end, I couldn't resist..

..the nice people at Star Wars - The Old Republic forums have posted my version of The Empire Strikes back as well, as well as contacting me over twitter asking if they mind asking some questions about the pixelmashes - before they finish off the whole series with Return of the Jedi.

And the reason for the title of this thread?  Doing a vanity search on how interest had picked up in these silly little pixelmashes I found an entertaining article on a french website called ecrans (screens?).  As the only words I know in French are obscene, I had to use google translate to work out what it was actually saying, and the results are below.

"Primarily because they are all true dung".  Ne'er a truer word spoken.


  1. Google translate didn't do too's my version...

    Star Wars: the trilogif

    If only there was sound, there would be no doubt about it – these little pixellated gems would be, quite simply, perfect. Created by FoldsFive, an Englishman who freely admits he is “Geek Alpha” and “sometime pixel artist”, these .gifs are an animated reconstruction of the original Star Wars trilogy. Episodes 4 to 6 and not the others “essentially because they’re a load of crap” explains the artist on his blog.

    He prefers cult films for his remakes: Alien, the Indiana Jones trilogy and Back To The Future are already in his back catalogue. In an interview he gave to the site Collider, he even talked about making an interpretation of Lord Of The Rings… For the time being, stick on your old John Williams vinyl and enjoy this new version of Star Wars.

    Ecrans does mean screens and is the TV/film/gaming section of my favourite French newspaper Libération.


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