Monday, December 07, 2009

More Medical Woes

So, after thinking I was shot of the chostochondritis after a couple of weeks, I was feeling good again. Until about a fortnight later (around a week and a bit ago) the pains in my chest started again and have been gradually getting worse. Beginning to panic again, I went to my local GP on Friday who put the fear of God into me by pointing out that the hospital might have been too hasty with their conclusion of Chostochondria and that he was going to put me forward for some more blood tests (starting a few days later) to find out what was wrong. The word 'Angina' was mentioned which didn't exactly put me at rest. He put me on a low dose of diazepam for the anxiety, enough to last me about a fortnight.

That evening I had a really bad attack of pain in my chest and armpit, and was taken to our local walk-in centre where the doctor suspects I may have sprained my pectoral muscle. The GP at the walk-in centre still thinks its chostochondritis, but noticed my breathing was a little wheezy so prescribed me some steroids to last around a week to deal with that.

So I'm now on a combination of ibuprofen, paracetomol, diazepam and steroids. This morning I woke up at three with a really bad attack; it literally felt like my heart was going to stop. Even now several hours later my chest wall is really tender, especially around my side. Worrying about it makes it worse as my heart races, but I'm finding it hard to think about anything else at the moment.

Fingers crossed the blood tests will reveal something positive that can be done about this - I'm bored of feeling like this now, and I'm scared.


  1. *hugs gently* Get well soon, FF xxxxx
    ~Spango x

  2. Get well soon chap.
    They say it'll all be over by Christmas!
    - Chick



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