Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fighting fit and chipper

I'm glad to report I'm fighting fit and ready for christmas. After the last worrying health development (with the reappearance of my chostochondritis, which my GP warned me might not be that and might be much worse), I was referred to a specialist.

She was brilliant. I was shown the x-ray results of my first hospital visit, along with all of the results they'd obtained - The pains I were getting again were, she was convinced, still the chostochondritis and nothing worse. Not potential angina or liver failure, as my GP had suggested. My GP had taken the incredibly intelligent route of assisting the treatment of an illness made worse through stress by suggesting it was something way worse than it was, something that neatly undid the healing process my body had been going through.

After a few more weeks of discomfort (albeit discomfort that didn't convince me I was having a heart attack with every twinge of my chest), the pain has all but gone. I've almost recovered fully now, and thanks for all the kind thoughts that many of you have passed my way.

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  1. Never mind the thoughts that have passed your way, I was hoping you'd actually pass away.

    In seriousness, it's great that we know you've got nothing wrong with you. I hope you'll pay me my NI fee for the free checkup you got though, must equate to about one pint.


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