Thursday, August 28, 2014

Forever and Ever, Armageddon

Apologies, but it's been a while.  I've been busy beavering away on finishing off the second draft of Version Control which I'm still ambitiously hoping to have released before the end of this year. I've had another one of my short stories ("Undercurrent") published in a new Horror anthology called "Terror At The Beach" - I'm sharing the space between front and back covers with some other terribly good writers and it's available by clicking the linky here.

On an ever-so-slightly smug note, I think Undercurrent (along with "The Everywhere Song" in the new book) are the best shorts I've ever written.  A little longer than the usual stuff I write - other than the 111k word novel, obviously - and all the better for it.

I've also been putting the finishing touches to the unofficial follow-up to "The Shadow Cast By The World" which I've called "Forever and Ever, Armageddon".  It's another collection of short stories - 21 of them this time spread over about 100 or so pages - which are a selection of some of the tales I've posted on ReadWave but are mostly brand new material.  The titles of the stories are as follows;

  1. Lucky Penny
  2. Once a pun a time
  3. Komraid
  4. Good Dog
  5. For Ever and Ever, Armageddon
  6. You v2.0
  7. The Bogey Man
  8. A Change of tactics
  9. Red Tide
  10. Keeping up with the Joneses
  11. A Sick Sense of Tumour
  12. BattleSuit
  13. Qil
  14. Undercurrent (as previously printed in "Terror At The Beach")
  15. A Certain level of understanding
  16. Adlib to fade
  17. Tipping the scales
  18. Double Dare
  19. Three Divided by one
  20. The Muse at Ten
  21. The Everywhere Song
 I also have to thank you for your kind words - in lieu of any decent blurb on the back cover of the new book - out October 6th - I've done that self-congratulatory thing of having a "Praise for Shadow Cast By The World" and have chosen some choice paragraphs from the nice things you've been sticking in the Amazon reviews.

So, catch up with you soon with some normal bloggery. Hope life is treating you well!

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