Tuesday, May 27, 2014

An apology from the Daily Mail

The Daily Mail would like to offer our sincere apologies about an article available on both the papers website and the newsstand print edition dated the 27th of May 2014.

After careful analysis we are forced to regrettably admit that the article, headed “Apple set to invade the home with plan to turn iPhone into universal remote for everything from lights to washing machines” did not meet our usual high standards in that it was:
  • Factually accurate and competently researched by the journalist in question.
  • Featured comments from people that actually existed that weren't taken out of context.
  • Showed a picture of Steve Jobs that was relevant to the article and not an under-aged girl in a bikini.
  • Held no sinister undercurrent concerning blaming any oppressed minorities for some fictional slight.
We have a responsibility to the general public and on this occasion, we feel that we have let you down. Rest assured that the editorial staff are doing all they can to ensure that this is merely a momentary blip and will in no way affect the standard level of Daily Mail Reporting.

Thanks for listening.

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