Friday, December 13, 2013

Wud-be righter sekes Editor/Prufe-reader; Applely within.

Apologies for a lack of blog updates in the last few weeks; Christmas shopping, work and a variety of other real-life things have interrupted the normal flow :)

A big thank you to all those who have either purchased my debut collection of short Stories The Shadow Cast By The World or downloaded it on one of the (sadly) rare promotional days - and extra big thanks from the heart of my bottom bottom of my heart for those lovely souls who've reviewed it on Amazon (Ian, Gill, Neil, Steph, Paul and Steve - you're genuinely the best and you're definitely going in the credits of the next thing I release). It's doing relatively healthily, and that's a nice thing.

Amazon only allow me five promotional days per book and I genuinely wish they'd offer me more - I'd happily give it away for free because I just want it to be read, but Amazon don't permit me to do so for the Kindle.  If you want it as the raw word document pop me an email and I'll let you have a copy.

But.. the next step. Over the last couple of days I think I've got enough raw material and penciled in ideas to approach the writing of my first full length novel but - and this a big but - those of you who've read my stuff will be aware that I'm my own worst editor and proof-reader. My short stories are pretty much a stream of consciousness that I struggle to identify any errors with and rarely revisit.

So, any editors/proof-readers out there who'll be willing to work for a percentage of royalties? I'd love the opportunity to run this stuff - as I write it - through somebody else, but the risk you'll have is that it may well be that nobody buys it. But if three and a half billion people buy it, we'll chink our glasses of daiquiri together on that tropical island in 2016 and laugh about such days.

If you think you're up to it - and can handle reading through my rubbish - then drop me a line in the comments of this blog. This is a project I'm genuinely excited about starting - it's just one I'm more than conscious of my own failings in.

EDIT: Hurrah!  The power of the internet!  Proof-reader/editor has been found.  Thanks for all your help :)

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