Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How Novel...

http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/reader/B00GLZSS02/ref=sib_dp_kd#reader-linkFor those of you who're interested - or for those of you who perhaps have easily pleased relatives who don't have the patience for fiction that isn't in the form of short stories - my first collection of tales is available in digital form from Amazon.  Click here or on the big book cover to the left to go to my author page from where you can preview a couple of pages.

Much as I'd like to give it away for nothing, the Amazon marketplace doesn't permit it so I've had to stick it on there for the cheapest price they'll allow, namely 99 cents. If you've read my stuff before on Readwave and like it, then I promise you a go on my Ferrari when I'm a millionaire author if you stick a nice review on there.

Alternatively, if you seem to believe that you're my arch-nemesis or something, it'd be really mean to pop a terrible review on there. I'd like to think you know into which camp you fall.

Anyway, pop by, have a look - and if you buy it, I hope you don't consider that 99 cents was a terrible waste of money for it.

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