Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stranger than Fiction

Apologies for the tardiness in not updating the blog for a while - This is down to that heady combination of a lack of inspiration and the life-eating genius that is GTA V.

It's also because I've been spending a bit of time contributing to the excellent website ReadWave - which is essentially a website that exists for writers to post their works to get feedback. My stuff is predominantly Flashfic, and some of it you may have read on this blog already.

There's my short horror story The Shadow Cast By The World from April of last year (which is still my personal favourite) along with the short poem The Lantern from June of 2011. Rounding off works repeated from here is The Dossier from 2011 as well.

Pieces written specifically for ReadWave are a couple of short works - There's a silly time travel short called The (pen)ultimate solution, and two fantasy based short works called The evil at the Edge of the Woods and The Glorious Quest.

My latest is a slightly longer Science Fiction piece (but one that's still short enough to be classed as a short story)  - Into The Great Wide Open.

There are also two pieces (the first of which was written for the weekly ReadWave challenge which in this case was to write a letter to your 13 year old self) very close to my heart because they're about my Mum - these are Dear David and She's gone.

So, why not have a look? There's some great stories on there and it's a great way to spend half an hour scanning through peoples works and offering feedback

..and I assure you that normal levels of sweary cynical geekery will resume shortly.

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