Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Press Release: My First Game Of Thrones - SPOILERS

Bantam Spectra and Voyager Books in collaboration with George R.R. Martin are proud to announce a new upcoming title for Summer 2013, "My First Game Of Thrones".

From the publishing team that brought you "My First Necronomicon" we are proud to announce the latest proud addition to our line of books. At long last children will be able to enjoy the multi-layered saga that is the magical world of Westeros. In the Games of Thrones series and through its many volumes tailored for a pre-school audience they will learn valuable lessons about the feudal system, loyalty, friendship, trust, bravery and that every single thing on this world that they love or hold dear will eventually leave or die. But most probably die.

"It's a project that I'm thrilled to be a part of", announced George R.R. Martin, "in that now it's now possible through these works that children can learn from a very early age that it's simply pointless to trust anybody around you and that every glimpse you have of your family might be your very last."

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