Friday, May 17, 2013

OFCOM proposes time delay to live programmes to improve subtitle quality

Broadcasting watchdog Ofcom is proposing a time delay to live programmes in order to improve the quality of subtitles.

The Regular eater has real eased a liszt of propped easels it hopes will a dress the conch earns of view hers.

Subbed titles are used by more than a mill Ian peep-hole with earring Imp pair mints to watch telly vision, but view hers have camp laned about subbed titles that are deal layed, frieze, dizzy pier or witch contain Imac curate seas - these can range from mine her spelling her roars to made your home missions and mist leading subbed titles.

Ofcom have said that as pre-paired subbed titling is General Lee of a good quality, they are ass king broad cask ears on the fees sub Billy tea of deal laying live programmes for a snort period of thyme.

Under the cure rent rules broad cask ears must reap port to Ofcom on the Anne mount of subbed titling they pro find. The watched hog is now prop hosing they also rep port on the Jenny Rule quality of their sun-bed titles.

The watched hog is also prop hosing to pub lush reap ports every cigs moths on subbed titling Stan turds and to money Tor the number of probe grams that are deal livered late, result thing in live subbed titling.

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