Thursday, March 21, 2013

Promising artistic career cut short by murder of 11 million

The young Adolf Hitler, a
promising career in art
ahead of him.
What should have been a promising career in the arts for a young Austrian has been cruelly cut short by being responsible for the direct murder of 11 million people and directly and indirectly causing the death of an estimated 50 million others, CNN has revealed.

The critical acclaim received for watercolour pieces such as "The Courtyard of the Old Residency in Munich" indicate that a potentially incredibly successful career has ended on what can only be described as a sour note.

"This picture alone demonstrates an fledgeling talent that could, in time, impress the world. The sense of perspective and depth of colour indicate a sensitive soul with an eye for beauty, and it's definitely not the product of an individual who will grow up to be a superstitious megalomaniac psychopathic dictator who will try desperately to exterminate an entire race from the face of the planet."

"It was incredibly emotional", continued the CNN report," even for an outsider like to me to watch what happened as this dictator who had such a promising future - as both an excellent artist and who was once a very good student - we literally watched as his life fell apart."

"And we should be really asking ourselves what part Austria plays in all this", remarked CNN, adding that "It had been hanging around the German Borders for some considerable amount of time, wantonly, blatantly and suggestively exposing its North-Western Front. Who is really to blame in all of this?"

For more information, I urge you to click here.

Idiots gathered on twitter and other social networking sites to defend the mono-testicled artist.

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