Monday, March 04, 2013

Judge Remote Assessment Report - Sci-fi Weekender

Form:     Judge Remote Assignment Report - JR17001/b
Location: Pwllheli Haven Conurb - Gaelic Territories
Date:     February 28th - 3 March 2135

In order to assist with relations between Mega City One and Brit-Cit (especially with the recent relief operations resulting from the Day Of Chaos) it is sometimes necessary to travel to remote colonies. In this case, an exchange visit saw me temporarily assigned to the Pwllheli Haven Conurb where I'd be assigned with the newly promoted Judge Lemmy to investigate possible illegal activities in a Brit-cit based terrorist organisation known as "The Galactic Knights" who I'd infiltrated previously.

I arrived mid-afternoon and undercover and was shown to the temporary housing that would be my base of operations for the next few days.

The first evening was spent primarily reestablishing myself within the organisation. My cover was nearly blown when an high ranking individual with the call-sign "Shin Yodama" doubted my credentials, but as the synthetic ale flowed on our table, all doubts were rescinded.

Recommendation: Installation of Sleep Machine
Technology is required - the available replacement
was a poor substitute.
However, the evening was not without its trials. A murder attempt was made on me by reducing the temperature of my room to subzero levels whilst I slept - along with concentrated seismic activity threatening to destroy our accommodation in the early hours of the morning - but Judges are made of sterner stuff and equipped only with my Justice Department approved pyjamas and "Lil' Justice", my stuffed bear, I survived the night.

The next day saw standard patrols resume with Judge Lemmy, recently promoted to full eagle status several weeks before by Judges Dredd and Pal. An assortment of perps met the blunt end of a daystick during our patrol - It's not a reasonable holiday until at least half a dozen people suffer cranial trauma, that's what I always say - and on a personal note I was pleased that the standard of food had improved dramatically from my trip to Brit-cit the year before.

I'm waiting for confirmation from Psi division, but I believe that in the evening I was subject to a psionic attack which I successfully fended off - whilst fighting off an individual claiming to be a "Time Lord" (Further investigation required: Individual doesn't appear to be on our records and a historical analysis indicates he has various appearances) with a confiscated  Laser sword time appeared to freeze for a short duration - I believe this may have been due to psionic bombardment, but I recommend that Psi-division investigate this further.

"I wish I knew how to quit you"
My head dulled by synthi-ale, the next morning it was confirmed that I had ingratiated myself fully into the terrorist cell known  as the Galactic Knights - an initiation ceremony "knighting me" established that I had been properly recognised as one of their number. The fools.

A day of standard patrols resumed with only minor threats to our life - a localised sonic attack from the battle droid known as B-BLSSD-1 was easily thwarted, and the evening appeared to be mostly comprised of crowd control followed by an evening of celebrations.

It is at this stage I believe my cover may have been compromised and that I may have been drugged - my memories of the Saturday evening are vague and patchy and involve the taste of synthi-alcohol and some manner of rhythmic jerking known in Brit-Cit as "dancing".

In conclusion my recommendation is that the Justice Department continues this exercise and I'm allowed to continue my undercover duties next year. It is however also recommended that we bring in the individuals codenamed "Chef" and "OrtharRrith" with some haste - they're a danger to both themselves and society at large.

Signing out,
Senior Street Judge Court

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