Friday, January 25, 2013

Breaking News: Man works at great length to tell you how little he cares about thing you like in detail

THE INTERNET, EARLIER TODAY - Internet forum member A55L1CKA (which Internet Experts predict is a pseudonym and not the individuals real name) went to great lengths over many hours of multiple pages of forum posts to reiterate how little he cares about that thing that you like.

"Ha, it sucks now they've all changed it anyway", he pointed out in particular hurtful comment, "You only like it because YOU ALL SUCK".

When questioned about his reasoning for still being a member of an internet forum dedicated to a subject he longer cares about, he reiterated the aforementioned stance that he doesn't care, using capitals in grammatically unexpected yet strategically sound places to remind you of this fact.

You were also reminded various times that he liked it before you did anyway - back when it was still cool - and that he may or may not have had an intimate sexual relationship with your mother. Who may or may not be so fat that they use her as a Call of Duty map. It was also noted that your forum username had a few letters replaced in his posts to you to make it sound vaguely homosexual and/or excrement related.

In fact, all in all, it is considered that this individual spent the vast majority of his waking hours pointing out to other people who little he cared about the topic. It is presently unknown how much of the rest of the day or week he will spend doing the same.

Rumours that the individual has in fact gone "internet quiet" because he is currently carefully constructing a satirical image or an crudely animated gif regarding how little cares about the thing which you like that he now are, at the moment of going to press, unconfirmed.

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