Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pretty Funky

Artwork Copyright Simon Myers /
It's rarely that I use this blog for anything other than shameless self-promotion, but I'd like to take this opportunity - for it is my wont to do so - to sing the praises of the artistic skills of young mister Simon Myers.

For one, he's one of the brains behind the phenomenally successful Drink and Draw evenings (along with collaborator Nigel Hopkins) which prove two things - firstly, that the combination of fine ales and a sketchpad go together perfectly, and secondly that despite the recent controversy (and short lived Boycott campaign) he's helped Browns return back to doing what it does so well - serve excellent beer and food.

The concept is simple - there's a theme to the evening  (Robots, Zombies), you're given a sketch pad and drawing equipment, and you spend the evening supping ale and doodling - in a pub full of people doing exactly the same thing. Your drawing talent is irrelevant - everybody loves to doodle, and it's not a competition. Unless you're me and therefore have to take it deadly seriously due to inherent Only Child syndrome.

But the primary reason behind this blog post is that if you're in the Midlands area in the forthcoming weeks, you could do a lot worse than pop into Browns and see Simons new exhibition on the top floor - "Pretty Funky - A Retro Daydream", a brilliant sixties themed series of works - the main piece of art accompanying this piece is an example of one of the pieces on display - Impressive stuff, I'll sure you'll agree.

Or failing, pop by his website. He's sickeningly talented and a thoroughly decent guy which means that I'll give him a suitable period of time in which to thrive before I'm forced to destroy him.


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