Friday, May 18, 2012

You could of at least learned to speak are language properly

Oh come on now, stop it.

Some of you are intelligent people and you really should know better.

I can understand it from a lot of the right wing race hate sites that I troll, because English isn't their first language (that always tends to be either fluent 'Extreme ignorance' or 'Unjustified hate'), but from some of you? I'm disappointed.

One last try though.

The phrase you're looking for is "Could HAVE" and not "Could OF". Just because it vaguely sounds like 'Of', it's not. Okay? Understood? It's definitely 'Have'.

And there is also a big difference between 'Our' and 'Are'.  You should look it up sometime, if only to stop yourself looking like an idiot when you misuse it.

Here's a handy crib sheet to staple to the inside of your eyelids. Have a good weekend.

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