Sunday, November 06, 2011

Times Squared

Times Square is impressive enough in day light, but by night it is completely breathtaking. There are so many screens and lights it is as bright as day. And the number of people, good Lord.

We were in Broadway doing the done touristy thing of seeing a show. We went to see Priscilla - Queen of the Desert, and it was magnificent. I wasn't sure how well the movie would translate to stage (and was also slightly concerned that I was knackered and would be asleep before the interval) but need not have worried.. The cast were excellent, and the songs and set were awesome. So what we lost in seeing OccupyWallStreet was certainly made for in the Camp we witnessed onstage.

And then on to Ellens Stardust diner, the waiting staff of which are all broadway wannabes. Hence when they're not serving you food and drinks, they're standing on tables and singing. Loads of talented kids all looking for a break.

So, another excellent day in NYC.

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