Monday, October 31, 2011

Watching the Big Apple turn over

The legendary Frank Sinatra (a.k.a. "Ol' Maggoty Eyes" © Peter Serafinowicz) was so big a fan of New York that he wrote an anthem that would forever be associated with pissed uncles and aunts high-kicking and doing in their hips at weddings for decades to follow. It's a city that is supposed to be so good they named it twice, but Wikipedia and Google Maps seems to disagree.

It's been a while in the making (after years of saying we'd do it) but later this week sees us propelling ourselves through the air in a most unnatural fashion to go that self-same city. The city that never sleeps, the muse of Woody Allen. Fellow FoldsFive conspirator Tom plans on eating 45 hot dogs (averaging around 9 a day) and his fiancé Fran has created a custom google map highlighting the location of every dress and shoe shop and is busily learning the phrases "I'm walking' here" and "I'll have a cwup of cworfee". Tara has undoubtedly book marked all the Irish bars of which I hear there are at least two or three (and I'm guessing her Irish accent will become infinitely more pronounced when she's out there) and my own American dream is a simple one.

I just want to see a manhole cover with steam coming out of it.

Oh, and perhaps see Spiderman.

I'm ridiculously excited.

Naturally, thanks to the wonders of my iPad and wireless internet in our apartment, I'll be providing a blow by blow account of our travels with a handy "Tom Hot Dog-o-meter" keeping you abreast of how far Tom has travelled towards his 45 hot dog dream. A link to the JustGiving page to sponsor him will be up shortly, and I know you'll all be desperate to contribute to allow Tom to fulfil his ultimate ambition in life *

* This is a blatant lie. FoldsFive definitely does not endorse the misuse of charity pages to allow a Northerner to indulge in meat based comestibles.


  1. Pig Product Prediction: Tom will successfully devour 15 hot dogs over the course of the week.

  2. My dead pig cylinders consumed by Tom prediction is 20.

  3. I've been giggling at that happy little hot dog for at least 5 minutes now.

    Have a lovely time in New Yoik!

  4. My prediction is a meagre 10 hot dogs.


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