Thursday, September 15, 2011

Katie Price Clothed Photos Leaked

Model Katie Price (a.k.a Jordan) has reportedly become the latest celebrity to fall victim to apparent leaked fully-clothed photographs from her mobile phone, which appeared on a website on Wednesday.

The series of photographs, which clearly show Katie Price or a lookalike (or are potentially clever works carried out on photoshop, according to some internet experts) show the 33 year old model either appropriately dressed for her surroundings, not exposing her gigantic terrifying fake breasts that for all intents and purposes look like they should be chasing Patrick McGoohan across a beach, or not looking like a soft-porn version of a Disney princess for once in her ridiculous life.

Scotland Yard have been drafted by the model to investigate according to celebrity news website TMI. However, a Scotland Yard spokesman declined to confirm or deny the investigation other than to say that they'd heard rumours about the case from the UK Deed Poll service in a mistaken attempt by Price to contact InterPol. However, a representative of Ms. Price gave the following statement from the model;

"I fink it's a bleedin' liability", states Ms. Price, "Whats the point of havin' spent a fortune on these bad boys if they aren't in show in every photograph of me? It reminds me of that books that what I wrote in those bits that that other person wrote for me about it. Is it three or four what I've writ now?  Luv a duck."

Peter Andre was unavailable for comment. In as far as we never tried to ask him for one. Although he's tried to contact us seven times already this morning about it.

Dann Baseunit, Showbiz News

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