Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rejoice! Evil has been moved slightly further away! As you were.

The Supreme Queen of Darkness Grand Moff Sarah Palin must have been annoyed at first, wondering why the phone in her Alaskan home was ringing at 3 a.m. in the morning.  Who could be ringing her at this hour?  How confused she must have been, staggering down the stairs in a semi-concious state muttering "Yeah, alright, alright, I'm coming already, y'all" as she approached the telephone.

What thoughts must have been going through her mind as she picked up the handset.  Nobody rings at this time of the morning unless somebody has died, surely?  Or perhaps some blacks had been spotted in the town and needed roundin' up and huntin' down?

She listens to the voice on the other end of the phone, her sleepy eyes gradually opening.  Her expression visibly alters - initially a look of bewilderment and confusion, but then the edges of her evil, evil lips begin to curl upwards - it's not a sneer, as expected, but utter joy.  Her face almost cracks from the strain and effort.

All this from a single sentence uttered by the cold emotionless voice on the other end of the phone before the caller hung up.  A single sentence.

"Step 1 of Operation Tattletale is complete, Miss Palin."

At 11:21 a.m GMT this morning Julian Assange lost his extradition case.  He has 7 days to appeal (which he will undoubtedly do, and which will undoubtedly fail) or will be and will then be extradited to Sweden in 10.  And, with my powers of great prophecy, I suspect there will then be an onward extradition to the United States (on the charges of Wikileak's US embassy cables release) and then Assange will either be executed as a traitor (if Palin gets her way), or I suspect, just "go missing" - as a good friend of mine has remarked, "The poor twat will be dead in a ditch by Christmas".

How frenzied Palins mind must be at the moment - imagine her excitement.  Should she ring the Swedish Government now or would it be more polite to hang on a bit?  Actually, to think of it, where IS Sweden?  She should really go back to bed - after all, it is very early, and she does have some more fucking stupid ideas to come up with tomorrow.  But she's simply too excited!  A drink or two, perhaps.  That'll help her sleep.

So Palin sits in her chair, glass in hand.  Her heart races with anticipation of the days ahead.  And she throws her head back and laughs heartily - an evil, bellowing laugh.  The flying monkeys in the attic cower in their cages at the sound, huddling together in the corner.

And the world gets that little bit darker.

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  1. I so resolutely agree and hate this woman, I have decided to make an extraneous effort to show you my unwavering support...
    I have decided to comment on this with poetry. I cannot claim it to be mine but from the immortal and ( to me) beloved Morrissey..

    Hatful of Hollow, she breathes.
    "William, It Was Really Nothing" Meat Is Murder, he seethes.

    I'm the new Queen bitches! She cackles...
    "The Queen Is Dead" Bigmouth Strikes Again

    "Shoplifters of the World Unite!" she screams as she pulls through her bags of RNP free jeans.

    "The World Won't Listen" she whispers in his face..

    "The World Won't Listen, Strangeways, Here We Come"


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