Friday, October 08, 2010

World of Weddingcraft

Some of you may recall an earlier post in which I revealed the design of our wedding invites.  Since then, Tara and I have been a little more crafty (that is crafty as in the carrying out of crafts as opposed to exhibiting suspicious fox-like behaviour) and have some more designs for your delectation and delight*.

Still going with the Penguin theme - and relieved that they haven't tried to sue or yet or meaning our designs get turned by the printer for infringing copyright - we have the place settings, being modelled here on my work desk by Mr. Peter Parker.  He hasn't got an invite for the big day, but he doesn't know that yet.  It's an old tradition to never allow super powered beings to your wedding - they tend to make the day all about them.  The place settings are again provided by the brilliant and are simply business cards with our design folded in half - effective yet simple.

We were originally going to go for something simple for the table place names, but as per usual I decided to do something over complicated which we originally regretted - It's an utter ball-ache cutting the bits out and assembling them - but the final effect looks quite impressive.

As our wedding is the day before halloween it seemed appropriate to combine that theme with the existing Penguin one, and so we went for classic horror novel titles.  Five on display here, five still to make.  I hope nobody takes offence at being stuck on a table called 'Frankstein' or 'The island of Doctor Moreau' - the woman at the local print shop where I got the templates for the designs printer (ColorCo in Earlsdon, again very professional and very friendly) thought the designs very amusing.

So, it's T minus 22 days to the wedding and things are chugging along - although a trip to hobbycraft will be required tomorrow to get something capable of holding the table names up.

We're also planning something quite special for the bride and groom at the top of the cake, althought it must be said that Taras artistic efforts way exceeded by one in that regard, so I'm having to start again.  More components to buy from Hobbycraft.

Still, exciting times!  Rings are purchased, venue is booked, DJ and music have been chosen, etc, etc.    Tara is remaining remarkably cool and collected about the whole, so it's looking good.

Roll on October 30th!

* boredom

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