Friday, August 06, 2010

Marriage. A sentence, not a word.

Regular readers of this blog (and thank you to all those who answered my desperate plea for more followers, by the way) may remember a post a while back in which we were trying to decide the final design for my wedding invitations.  We very much wanted to design our own from scratch, and many ideas got passed around and discarded; the first design (which I was rather fond of) featured Space Invaders - album cover spoofs and the like were also considered.  Well, having had a fine print job done by the beautiful people at (who I can't recommend enough - the design we submitted was printed perfectly and their website is an absolute joy to use and is simplicity itself) and having dragged friends in to assist with the laborious exercise of writing and sealing envelopes, they finally got posted off yesterday (Aren't first class stamps expensive, these days?  No wonder I rarely post anything anymore) and we've heard tell of a few arriving at their intended destinations.  Now this day has arrived, the final design can be revealed!   In the end as you can see we went for the classic Penguin book cover design, with a blue to match that of the bridesmaids outfits.  The wedding plans themselves?  Chugging along nicely like some manner of ridiculously expensive wedding train weakly-developed metaphor.
Suits are hired, caterer is booked, photographer (Victoria Jane Photography in Coventry, again highly recommended) has her gameplan and deposit.  Respective Stag-dos and Hen-dos are arranged (with great thanks to my best man Tom who performed cat herding style miracles to arrange it all) and there is little else to do now other than get nervous about the big day!

And the title of this blog entry?  I joke, clearly.  As an aside, the lovely-soon-to-be Mrs. Court has started a new blog solely based around her mums opinions on the acts on Jools Holland.  In Taras own words; "The basis of this blog is to share with you, the internet, my mammy's scores and comments as she watches Later With Jools Holland. This might seem quite a dull idea for a blog, but her comments are always good fun, with scoring thrown in and best of all, sweariness. Yes, I think it IS big and it IS clever. In fairness to her though, she is a fiery redhaired Irish woman, so the swears are just a normal everyday occurrence in her vocabulary. And I've inherited that trait also".  Here's a link.  I encourage you to have a look.


  1. Hello yes you might want to mention that the wedding dress is FINISHED too as that is important too. Thank you. Your wife to be


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