Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Colonel is break-dancing. I can't get behind that.

Has the world gone fucking mad?  I've just seen a TV advert for KFC for something called the iTwist.

Look at the funny advert.  You see, right, it's got people dancing against a white background whilst some ball-achingly annoying indie sellout music is playing.   Look!  They're having fun!  It's just like an advert for - wait, WHAT?  Ha!  They're eating monosodium glutamate laden pseudo-poultry products!

I don't know who I'm annoyed with more.  KFC (no longer Kentucky Fried Chicken after the rebrand) for jumping on the whole fucking bandwagon, or Apple for introducing the lower case "i" prefix for products into the lexicon.

What are they trying to portray in this advert?  I suspect they're trying to convey the portability of their fried chicken snack (which lets face it, has always been the highest priority when I'm choosing fast food.  The Mcdonalds eight tonne pallet snack was always doomed to failure) whilst riding on the coat tails of another successful brand.

Or maybe it comes with a free case.  Or maybe said chicken snack ceases to exist when held in the left hand.  Or maybe it costs twice as much as other comparable chicken snacks but looks much nicer and is much easier to operate.

Apple, much as I'm no huge fan of them, should copyright the lower case "i".  They may as well, it's been ripped off so many times.  I wouldn't put it past them.  Every writer using a lower case "i" would have to pay Apple a small sum.  Or an i-sum.  It would stop adverts like the KFC monstrosity at the very least.  And that would only be a good thing.

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