Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Putting Mum to rest

Had a well deserved holiday last week with Dad and Tara. There was a sad purpose for our visit though, namely to scatter Mums ashes in the place she'd let us know in life where they should rest.

We stayed at Home Farm Caravan Park, where Mum and Dad have gone to every six months for about the last 12 or 13 years or so. Somerset is a gorgeous part of England, and no more so than in the surrounding area of Home Farm. It has a private beach (which is where Bryan Adams filmed part of the video for 'Everything I do', beach-related fact fans) which is ideal for running their two dogs and is only a hop skip and a jump away from Minehead, Watchett and some glorious pubs and walks.

We took a trip to North Hill, just a short distance away from Minehead, on the Monday afternoon. It was a glorious sunny day - in fact the weather was just about perfect all week long - and we scattered mums ashes in a beautiful spot, just next to a small area of woodland. It was sad, but a perfect setting. Before she pretty much lost the use of her legs, Dad and mum would spend hours walking around North Hill (and the surrounding area) and it truly is a gorgeous part of the world, especially on some of the coastal walks.

The rest of the holiday was spent eating good food, visiting tiny little beautiful pubs in the middle of nowhere and introducing myself to the previously undiscovered delights of Exmoor Ale.

On a lighter note, Dad has requested that his ashes be placed when he pops his clogs (his words, not mine) in pretty much the same spot, "although not TOO close".

It will be nice to pop to Somerset yearly to go to the same spot and visit Mum - any excuse to go to such a lovely place is fine by me.

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