Thursday, March 25, 2010

Getting better all the time (better, better, betttttttteeeeer)

Whether my body is finally recovering or the mad pills (Citalopram, as you ask) have finally kicked in I don't know, but for the last four or five days I've actually felt quite well - in fact, positively chipper. The pains in my chest have all but gone and the only aches I get now are the odd small stomach cramp and the odd pain in my arm, but this is undoubtedly the end result of years of excessive masturbation and frenzied stabbing attacks on pensioners taking their toll.

So, much to Taras relief, I've actually started showing an interest in our wedding plans again now I'm not constantly worrying that I'm dying of something or other. In fact I'll admit that now this six months of sheer hell is drawing to a grateful close, I'll be at a loss at what to blog about again.

We've been looking for wedding invite ideas and have found one we think is perfect; I'll post it up here when we've finished the design. In the meantime, I thought I'd post this brilliant one I found on the interwebs. Whether I'd have been allowed something along these lines is a different matter.

Yet again I'm amazed by how fantastic everybody has been. Thanks for all the birthday greetings and cards by the way - lovely stuff. Tara has been brilliant - If I'd been her, I'd have lost patience with the hypochondriac under my roof months ago. The last week or so have been difficult - it would have been Mums birthday on Sunday, and what with Mothers Day from a little while back, it's been a tough time.

We went to the Huntsman Carvery on Sunday, which is where Mum, Dad and I would always go because my Mums birthday was so close to mine. We took my aunt and cousin along, and it felt odd Mum not being there with us but we had a good time regardless. In all seriousness, if any of you live in the Midlands and want a cracking meal, I can highly recommend the Huntsman. I've never had a meal there that was anything less than perfect. Proper old fashioned British Grub in stupidly large quantities; even the leftover meat that will be graciously donated to dads two dogs will be enough to last them until Easter.

Dad, Tara and I are off to Somerset later in the year in May to scatter Mums ashes in her favourite spot. This'll be tough but it'll be nice to spend some time with Dad, although I imagine he's bored of me hanging around so much now..!

On another note, check out the blog from my lovely friend James Stace. And be gentle with him; he's only little and he's upset about the cider tax.

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  1. It'd have to be Tara kneeling down on yours though.
    Good to see you're on the mend and feeling better :) We'll hopefully see you soon.


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