Friday, February 19, 2010

A long and tiring week

Firstly, many thanks to all the cards and comments we've received since my Mums sad death on Tuesday. My Dad, Tara and myself have been overwhelmed by the condolences and kind thoughts and they genuinely mean the world to us. It's been a difficult week and your sympathy and well wishes have helped a great deal.

Dad, Tara and I have had a busy week. Notices in the local paper, organising the funeral and registering the death - which in itself consists of a frightening level of bureaucracy. We've chosen some songs that mum liked for the funeral, as well as some nice appropriate poems for the Order of Service. Dad and Tara sorted out some clothes for her to wear - my suggestion of a tabard was rejected - and we're all just about ready for the funeral next Friday.

Strangely enough, it's been a really nice week in some ways. I've got to spend a great deal of time with my Dad, and we've chatted about what we've been through and how brave mum was in her final days.

The grieving process is an odd one. What upsets me the most is the little thoughts that spring into my head about the things I'll miss. She won't be at my wedding this year - thats the saddest thing of all. At least I know that Tara had Mums seal of approval - the last time that my mum was in hospital and Tara went to visit, she declared herself as Irenes Daughter-in-law. That made Mums week.

I'll miss her wonderful Sunday and Boxing Day dinners, and her enthusiasm when talking about the dogs and their flyball team. I'll miss going to the Huntsman Carvery for our birthdays, and her obsession with tidiness. I'll miss the way she was forever dressed in a scruffy sweatshirt, and her lovely smile, laugh and sense of humour. I occasionally think of things and think, "Ooh, I'll have to tell Mum about that" and it saddens me that I can't any more.

It's been a weird week, but you've all helped us get through it. If Mum could read the nice things that you've said, she'd be chuffed to bits. Thanks again.

For those of you that have enquired, the funeral service is next Friday (the 26th) at The Heart of England crematorium in Nuneaton (her town of birth) at 12 noon. Mum was never one for flowers, so any donations should be made to The Dogs Trust or the Anthony Nolan (leukaemia) trust.

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  1. I think its very hard to watch anyone leave you.But it is a gift to us that extra time.I am so sad for you and your Dad .
    Irene is in peace now.
    You both have great memories to share of her.
    God bless you both.
    Hilda from the forum


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