Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New! Pens! Now with ink!

In the advertisement break in the middle of yesterday evenings "You have been Watching" there was an advertisement for Oxford notebooks. Astonishingly, I'm amazed that they hid this groundbreaking ad away at such a late time in the schedules, such was the level of scientific breakthrough demonstrated in it - with such a bold and daring claim at the end which could revolutionise the face of notebooks as we know it.

Notebooks, yeah? Really useful for all sorts of things in life, such as making notes, making more notes and potentially making even more notes than that. Notes on all kinds of things; Mundane notes about Toms telephone number, exciting and even world-changing notes about scientific formulae, inventions, cheat codes for Far Cry 2 and award winning speeches.

But the curse that has gripped the notebook from the beginning of time? The fact that an entire half of it is wasted - If only there were some way, some paradigm shifting concept, that could enable we humble species to write on both sides of the paper.

Well, do you know what? The crafty blighters at Oxford have only gone and done it, and apparently in secrecy as well! Did you see the BBC news articles about this revolutionary new idea? Me neither. It must have been buried in the press with all the news about CERN.

I'm off to order 4. I'm hoping not many of my friends saw the advert, so I'll be the talk of my circle of associates. "Both Sides of the notebook Dave", they'll call me. I'll be lauded as some kind of king. I'll run amongst them, wantonly ripping out sheets and dispensing them to the desperate masses.

Now if only somebody would invent a bag for these Maltesers so the shopkeeper doesn't have to pour them into my fucking hand, I'll be sorted. Oi, Boffins. Get on it.

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