Friday, June 26, 2009

Drag me to Hull

At the risk of this blog turning into Davids Film Review (or more to the point “Dave moans about films he thought might have been half decent”), I had the pleasure of seeing Sam Raimi’s new horror Drag Me To Hell yesterday evening. For a film that must have cost a tenth of the budget of the abysmal Terminator 4, it was easily ten times as good – and it’s also a fine return to form for Sam Raimi after the bloated crowded mess of a film that was Spiderman 3 – (a film which went wrong for exactly the same reasons that Joel Schumacher single-handedly temporarily killed off the Batman franchise – a case of “lets throw as many villains into the film as we can!” – both films are of the school of ‘lets throw enough shit at the wall – some of it is bound to stick’)

Drag Me To Hells story is clichéd as hell and nothing original – it tells the tale of Alison, a humble (yet ambitious) bank worker who pisses off a gypsy. Before you can say “Two pounds a go on the dodgems” or “Want to buy some lucky heather?” she is subsequently cursed by our aforementioned peg-seller and all hell (literally) breaks loose as she finds herself in a fight against time to stop herself being (ta-daaaa) dragged to hell!

It’s laden with Raimi’s typical hyperkinetic directorial style and filled with lashings of Tex Avery style cartoon violence – (At one stage somebody drops a conveniently hanging anvil onto someones head, for petes sake). There are few parts of the human body that don’t end up flying around in its perfectly paced 90 minutes - It’s not quite Peter Jacksons Braindead, but it’s not all that far off it. It’s a cliché to refer to a film as a roller coaster ride, but this sums Drag Me To Hell up perfectly. It barely lets up, is genuinely scary (especially considering it’s only a certificate 15) and I was entertained throughout.

On another note, I’ve just ordered a spanky new Nokia N97. I really wanted one of the new iPhones, but I’m that pissed off with O2 and that flabbergasted by the prices of them to get anything 16 gig or over, I’m changing service provider and getting the new Nokia flagship model. Reviews on the web seem vary varied, so I’m slightly worried it’ll be shit – but I’ve had an N series Nokia for around five years now, and I’ve been thoroughly impressed by them so far.

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