Sunday, March 01, 2009


Thanks to those of you who've passed on messages of support about my mum. Much appreciated.

She started Radiotherapy sessions last Monday, one session for each day of the week. She's also in every day next week, and at the end of it they find out whether it is having an effect on the cancer cluster or whether they need to adopt a new tactic.

She's already determined that she's going to refuse chemotherapy if it comes down to it. Me and Dad are trying to convince her otherwise, but she's always been stubborn. Hopefully it won't come to that - hoping and praying that the radiotherapy will have had some effect - and that it'll never be a decision she has to make.

I'm supposed to be seeing them today for dinner but dad rang last night about some side effects that mum is having from the radiotherapy that means she might have to go back into hospital. Waiting for the phone call so I know what to do now.

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