Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's like The Bill, but with less actors who used to be in Eastenders

Did I miss something? Did they change the way that those convicted of murder would be presented on television? It's been a murder frenzy for the BBC in that we've recently had the very high profile cases of Mark "I'm a necrophile, not a murderer. There's a subtle difference. Still, means to an end" Dixie, Steve Wright in the afternoon and Levi "Baba Papa" Bellfield.

The television footage of each of these has really stood out because each and every one has featured footage from the police interview rooms. It's like I've accidentally switched on Life on Mars, and I'm not sure I agree with the way this is going.

The footage in all three cases has been identical - aggressive questioning and the culprit shrugging his shoulders or uttering "no comment". What are the BBC expecting from this kind of footage? Some froth-mouthed murderer strolling nonchalantly towards the camera, shaking his fist at the heavens and crying "I did it, but you'll never prove it, Coppers!"

It seems to be an odd direction to take for this style of reporting. Mark my words, we're not far away from televising the entirety of suspect interviews - Hell, perhaps we could have footage of the actual arrest as well, with police battering down doors. A little bit of footage from the forensic people wouldn't hurt as well. And a new fancy theme tune. And footage of the reporters feet as they walk away at the end of the news.

It'll all be very exciting, I promise.


  1. best put by the lyrics of Neil Peart in the track 'Test for Echo' by Rush-

    "Some kind of drama live on satellite
    Hidden camera coverage from the crime scene to the courtroom
    Nail-biting hood boys in borrowed ties and jackets
    Clutching at the straws of respectability"

    I agree.

  2. Heh, nice to hear from you, chap. I see the Blogger Rush lyrics filter doesn't work though :(


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