Saturday, February 02, 2008


Tonight Tara and I went to the cinema to see Cloverfield; It's rare that we go to the cinema, but after such hype we thought this one worth seeing.

Now, to the point. Having heard about the Blair Witch style hand-held camera trickery being used, I really expected to put up with it and have something to moan about in my blog later.


I really enjoyed it. For the whole 85 minutes duration I was gripped. At no point during its running time was I anything less than spellbound. I haven't been as involved in a film since James Camerons "Aliens". The cast were excellent - I was caught up in the whole "this is actually happening" vibe. The special effects were totally convincing - reminded me of the whole handheld camera new Galactica and firefly stuff, but still.. brilliant.

Can't recommend it enough. The whole film was about ten minutes longer than it needed to be, but still. Brilliance.

Also.. is anybody actually reading this blog? Let me know if you are. As I'm comment-free, I don't know.


  1. *sticks up hand*
    yup, one loyal reader :)

  2. Hurrah! There is somebody there.. good to see :)

  3. hehe, you too sir, glad to hear the teeth problem is sorting itself out!. have linked to your blog on mine, you *may* get some more traffic through, especially for the ace pixel work - as always.

  4. I just found you today, linked from article about the shitty Anti-BNP demo.

    Good work so far :)

  5. Completely agree, Cloverfield kicked ass up and down, but it could have ended when the helicopter crashed.

    On to something completely different: Do you still have a copy of that magnificent "Star Wars in 168K"? It's no longer on b3ta - and I'd, um, need it to make a certain point in my PhD thesis...


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