Friday, March 08, 2013

Users up in arms about changes to free internet thing

The developers of that Free internet thing you use all the time today announced that they would be performing a major revamp of its design, making its appearance consistent with its Android and iOS mobile apps - a change which also introduces topic-specific alternatives to its news feed.

Even before these new changes had been rolled out across the user base, the community was up in arms and voicing its concerns.

"I can't believe they're changing the internet thing I'm in no way obliged to use and they provide for me free of charge", said forum user Wh1ngePrik, "It's just like the last time they did this kind of thing and I said I'd never use it again. Which is why I'm posting this complaint on the exact self-same internet thing I'm complaining about."

"That's it, I've had enough", complained nTitledShit, "I'd refuse to pay another penny to use this service if it wasn't absolutely free. How dare the developers of a free product determine how said product works and what it should look like."

"Of course I haven't even seen the proposed changes yet", whined another user, "but I'm in in doubt that they'll be absolutely rubbish and will render the service unusable - so I'll probably only continue to use it indefinitely."

"We have every confidence that the new changes we're introducing will improve the Free Internet thing™ experience for all of its users, regardless of platform", said a spokesman for the developers of the Free Internet Thing™, "unless of course it's your second nature to be a whining entitled toss-piece who shirks at any idea of change. In which case of course we're not obliged to each other in any way - as the Free Internet Thing™ has and always will be provided free of charge - and you're free to use any of our competitors services. Shyeaah, right. You stuck with us through Timeline - even though you blubbed about it as though we'd personally slain your firstborn - and you'll stick with us through this. Hell, the only thing that would stop you using it is if we enforced the mandatory colour scheme of black text on a black background. And even then we'd still have a bigger user base than Google+."

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