Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Manic Monday

So, it's Monday and we are slowly reaching the end of our New York experience. A slight hangover from over indulging slightly courtesy of the Jekyll & Hyde pub and a nearby off-license last night, but we are shortly off on the subway heading towards Central Park.

We spend the majority of the afternoon walking around it, amazed by how large the bloody thing is. There seem to be two kinds of New Yorker here - you're either a jogger, or you're walking your dog. Or in case of the guy we see on roller skates being pulled along by his dog, a weird hybrid of both.

It's a beautiful place and incredibly well maintained. We walk through Strawberry Fields, take a rest beside the Great Lake and see both geese and a turtle sunning himself on a rock. We walk past Jackie Onassis Reservoir and eventually get out of the park and have a well deserved pitcher of Blue Moon in a sports bar we find down Madison Avenue.

We've already decided where we're eating this evening. Down Bleeker we have seen a permanently crowded pizza place and Fran has looked it up online to find its been voted something like the 28th best in New York. After Fran has had a manicure and pedicure in a place right next to our apartment, we get seats there and are treated to a truly incredible New York pizza.

From there we head to the famous Magnolia Bakery for a slice of cake, and then to the Slaughtered lamb, the sister pub of Jekyll & Hyde. By now we're all flagging - our legs are tired and we're all on the verge of falling asleep so call it a night.

And thats how I spent my Monday in New York. We have half a day here tomorrow, and then it's back on a flight to Blighty.

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