Monday, November 07, 2011

Lady Liberty

A quick breakfast at the brilliant Amys Bread (recommended by Fran who has their cookbook) and then off to Battery Park to catch a ferry to The Statue of Liberty.

After getting through security (at security level MARSEC 1, security status fans) we were there. Apart from a delay caused by Tara having too much metal in her bra to get her through her security check. Thats right - my wifes breasts were nearly responsible for an international incident.

The statue is incredible, and the Manhattan skyline visible from it equally so. A quick cup of liptons tea (got to keep the English end up) and then on to Ellis Island for a museum tour about immigration.

Fran and Tom went out for a meal to celebrate the second anniversary of then getting together, and we found somewhere to drink.

We'd spied an awesome looking place a few days before and decided to give it a try. Jekyll and Hydes is a horror themed bar and sold a great variety of drinks and cocktaiks. The bartender was friendly, and I'd thoroughly recommend it.

Brilliantly the toilets are hidden in a book lined corridor where you have to push the panels to find them.. We are trying its sister bar The Slaughtered Lamb this evening (Monday).

So, an excellent Sunday in NY. I am falling in love with this city and it'll be a shame to have to leave on Tuesday.

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  1. Jekyll & Hyde's sounds brilliant, up until the point where you're bursting for a wee and can't find the correct panel...


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