Tuesday, April 22, 2014

You know who I hate? Geeks.

Girls. I know there are a few of you who read my blog, and I wish you all the best - but in all honesty, I have to ask you something.

For those amongst you who consider yourself somewhat of a geek or nerd for your passions - perhaps you've read the odd fantasy novel or two, or perhaps you play computer games every now and then - or maybe you've even been into a comic shop - for those amongst you, I have a simple question;

What's it like only liking that stuff because men like it? How does it feel to pretend to have an interest solely so you can feel like you're one of us? Have you actually ever read a comic, you know, a whole one? Did you understand it? Maybe one of us can explai -

I have to stop there. It may surprise regular readers or those who know me, but It actually offends my sensibilities to write like a cunt.

We're like a bunch of spoiled children. We spent years grumpily stomping up and down or staring at our feet moaning about the fact that Graphic novels we read were more than mere kids comics and that we weren't given the proper level of respect. That the roleplaying games we spent hours writing and playing weren't kids games - or evidence that we were corrupted by Satan, but thats a different story - but  that they were promoting creativity and free thought, and that Hollywood didn't do our stuff justice.

And then suddenly our little club house became more and more popular, and had to get bigger and be less exclusive with its door policies. We delighted in the fact that our graphic novels comics started to appear in Dillons and Waterstones, that our movies started getting decent budgets and were garnering more than a little attention. We could have conversations about Spiderman and Batman and not be kicked in the shins or beaten up or looked down on.

T-shirts with the word "Nerd" and "Geek" started to appear in the shops, and I have it on good authority from my bosses optician wife that children started to genuinely get upset when they weren't prescribed with glasses.

Our hobby became the mainstream, and we were helpless to do anything about it.

So we did like all spoiled children did, and we started to kick out and scream. And who were the easy target? Girls.

Girls don't get it, do they? They only like our films because there are good looking men in them, and we never felt comfortable around them anyway. So we're more than within our rights to make a T-shirt that reads "I like Fangirls how I like my coffee.  I hate coffee."

We should be happy that our stuff has become popular. We're like the fan of a band who moans because we preferred them before everybody else liked them.  They didn't change. We did. And for the worse.

As I said in a recent post about a non-story about Dredd being Gay - for a group who can accept mutants, alien refugees from dying worlds coming to help us, murderous weapons merchants becoming super-heroes, Gods walking amongst us with physics-defying hammers - we're so very, very critical when it comes to accepting stuff we're not comfortable with.  And that all makes me more than a little sad.


  1. If I'm a bitter cunt because it pisses me off that my hobby isn't more accepting of everybody, then I guess I am. But that doesn't really make sense, does it? Unless, of course, you only read the first paragraph, but I know comprehension and attention spans aren't everybodies cup of tea.


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