Friday, October 12, 2012

Raiders of the lost Gif

A few years ago, after the success of the Pixelmash Star Wars films I did, I decided to enlist the help of other animators from the website that I used to be a member of - the idea was simple; to take a chunk of the three Indiana Jones films and create a colossal collaborative mega-epic.

Well, anyway, the internet is as we know cyclical, and the last couple of weeks have seen these emerge in a few places on the internet again - presumably due to the bluray release of the Indiana Jones series of films - so here for your delectation and (dubious) delight.. The Indiana Jones Pixelmash Trilogy!*

There of course, being only three Indiana Jones films.  That's right, three. In the same way that they only made Star Wars Episodes 4, 5 and 6. Tum te tum.

The Credits for each chunk are in the border at the top - the different styles make it, I feel. Some bits of it still make me laugh, even now.

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