Saturday, November 05, 2011

Magnus Rex

So after a Hudson diner breakfast (during which I established several facts.. Firstly, despite my sweet tooth my stomach cannot cope with pudding for breakfast and secondly that Canadian Bacon is delicious) we took the subway to check out OccupyWallStreet.

However, upon arrival, we couldn't get to them. The police were blocking every street. We walked around trying to find any way to get in and suddenly spotted something quite odd.. A Gotham city police department car parked on the road.

So, a golden opportunity for photographs.. And then I twigged. I had read in passing that Christopher Nolan was shooting some scenes in Wall Street for "The Dark Knight Rises" and it looked like that might be happening right now.

We turned a corner to find ourselves behind a corden with some several hundred extras behind it dressed as GCPD cops and SWAT. Some guy had the thankless task of trying to keep onlookers on the pavement and out of shot.

After a short while shooting began. Literally. Gunshots were heard from Wall Street and then all the extras ran towards it. So I'll know what scene to look for in the film when it's released.

All exciting stuff. Then topped off when a lorry driver saw us taking photographs of Dressing rooms and told us the batmobile was in a car park round the corner.

Tom and I were both as excited as little kids when we told Fran and Tara the news. We headed in the direction we'd been given and there it was.. A full sized batplane.

The batmobile itself was under tarpaulin, and the two guys there (one of whom was Scottish) allowed us to take photographs.

I was wearing my batman socks, so it must have been fate.

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