Friday, December 10, 2010

This is a nice piece suit will be very devastating grin

So, we're approaching the end of 2010 that has been, frankly a mixed year. It started, traditionally, with January the 1st. Always a good way to start a year - I'm a stickler for tradition. However, after that it went rapidly downhill what with me still being mostly ill and then Mum dying in February - and thanks once again for everyones kind wishes and words; It's still very much appreciated and helped me through a very hard time. However, the year got considerably better with my marriage to the lovely Tara at the end of October, and now Christmas is coming - and despite the fact it'll be odd not having Mum around (much as it was upsetting to not have her at our wedding), I bloody love Christmas.

Friends of mine on facebook may have noticed I'm doing an end of year special for the blog.  If you haven't let me know already, I'd love to know your favourite film and/or video game of the year.  It's to go into a blog entry that will be like a Christmas special - albeit with less Noel Edmonds hanging around sick dying kids in hospital.  Probably.  I think he's busy that day.

Regular readers will note that I'm updating the blog a lot more often. What once seemed like a chore, I now find genuinely interesting - Of course, having a much larger readership (now getting an average of 200 hits a day - Wow) pushes me into posting more. But regarding website statistics.... (which is way up there as an exciting opener with 'So, what about Trellis Drainage, eh?')

When I'm not putting the world to rights with half-baked ill-conceived/timed blog-posts or out combating injustice by simply not doing anything practical about it, I like nothing more than to spend an evening looking through the very exciting statistics provided by the fine provider of this blog software, namely blogspot. (Or putting cats in bins, but that's a story for another day). That's just how exciting my life gets at times. That's how I roll.

The statistics range from the useful (how visitors are finding your site, how they're getting here, how often they come here, where they are in the world and how long they're stopping) to the frankly pointless (what resolution screen are they using, how fluent they are in Esperanto, what operating system they're using and how many minutes can they tolerate 'Toddlers and Tiaras' for before putting a shoe through the FUCKING television).

This brings two immediate things to mind; One, there is an incredible amount of information being collected from you in your trawls around the internet, and secondly, I really have got way too much time on my hands.

From my statistics, gentle reader, I know the odds are that you're reading this from the United Kingdom (probably from London), more than likely clicked on a facebook link to get here and are reading this on your Firefox Browser on your 32-bit Windows PC on your 1280x800 resolution screen. Your middle name is Sandra, your birthstone is Plasticine and the number you're thinking of is .... 7, right? No, 3.

One of the more entertaining statistics is 'traffic sources' which shows the search engine keywords via which people stumble across this humble blog. On the whole these are quite dull, but the occasional gem springs up which either means that there are some odd fucking souls out there, or I really should change the general content of this blog.

Let's look at a handful.

Is Nicola Festa Gay
Aiden Grimshaw Big Cock
Michael Cera Jump Dark Corridor
Simon Cowell grope one direction

Despite the fact that these are, on the whole, awesome band names one can't help but wonder how they were led here by Google. I don't even own a Nicola Festa.

One entertaining thing, however, is that a few visitors to this site have got here by the intriguingly titled '' from this page. 

Allow Google Translate to perform the honours;

16 hours 25 minutes 26 seconds July 13, 2010

GIF animation "Star Wars" and other classic film reproduction

"Star Wars" also shut up a crying child speaking monument SF movies. NHK animation still in "Star Wars / Clone Wars" will be broadcast and, after more than 30 years and published the first film still boasts seem popular. Such classic movies, how a man who appeared reproduced GIF animation. The video has been considerably simplified, but also does not contain speech, if you watched the film says "Yes! This was what" is able to say great.

Are reproduced in "Star Wars" as well as "Alien," "Back to the Future," "Indiana Jones" series and classic suit. Effort seems to have been at work is substantial.

See and read more below. This work was that it's FoldsFive pixel artists. "Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope" is the number of pieces 807 animations. "The Empire Strikes Back" is a number that exceeded Oodai 1000 animated epic 1009 piece. And "Return of the Jedi" is a 1042 piece. The epic story of the universe, has banged in a number drawn accordingly.

Other works can be seen from below. This is a nice piece suit will be very devastating grin.

I bloody love Google Translate.

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